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The little Cat and the Sun

The little Cat was sleeping sweetly. Then suddenly, tenderly warming rays of sun made him unexpectedly to wake up.

-“Good morning, dear Sun!” said the little Cat, waking up in the dawn. How gorgeous you are! I love you! - pronounced the little Cat, stretching his little paws closer to the Sun. And Sun shined more brightly. The little Cat felt so warm and good at once.

-“I am glad, that you feel good”, said the Shiny Sweet Sun. I will be shining during the whole day, because that’s the reason I exist for, to make you feel good, warm and comfortable.

-And does that mean it always be this way?- asked the little Cat wonderingly.
-Yes, my dear, answered the Sun. You like to get up in the morning, together with me, in the afternoon you like to take a walk and to get acquainted with other human beings. And I will continue to shine, never bothering you. But you always would be able to feel my presence, despite the fact that close to evening I usually hide behind clouds. At that time I usually take a short rest so that I might shine brighter the next day. But if suddenly you will need me, you can always call me, and I will appear in the sky again. And even if suddenly you see the clouds and it will be raining, don’t worry and always remember, soon after that I will appear again. This is the law of Nature. And I was born to keep you warm. And it does not matter where you are, you can always find me, because there is only one Sun in the sky.

Having talked with the Sun, the little Cat didn’t even notice how the day had gone by, and how the Sun had hidden beyond the horizon.  And so, the little Cat fell asleep, and he dreamt about how happy he is, because there is a Sun that makes him feel good and warm. In the morning the little Cat felt the warm rays of Sun caressing him and he already knew it was the Sun that said him, “Dear, Cat, I also love you very much!” And the little Cat felt good and warm again.

Written by: Alisa AmeriGo (@alisaofficial), 2007. Translated by the writer. Special thanks to Donald Kieran Austen (from CA, USA) for Proofreading.

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  1. Замечательная сказка, только ошибок грамматических и синтаксических в тексте полно. Тот, кого автор благодарит за корректуру, даже не прикасался к тексту…

    Аврора пока не поставил этой сказке оценку.

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